What To Do With A Damaged Roof Gutter?

Roof gutters are vital in ensuring the integrity of your home’s structure by funneling rain water off your roof and preventing it from soaking through the surface. A roof gutter that works perfectly can help prevent common issues such as leaks, blown renderings, water damage, and mold growth. One of the most common reasons behind gutter damage is corrosion or rusting. Fortunately, this issue is minor and easy to solve on your own.

Before working on the gaps and holes caused by corrosion in your roof gutter, it’s important to prep the damaged areas by thoroughly cleaning the gutter in places where you’re going to make the repair. Make use of a spray cleaner, as well as a scrub brush, and then pat the gutter down with a rag.

Once the area is clean, you can then begin to fit a new piece of aluminum sheet or metal flashing to where the gaps and holes are in your roof gutter. Cut out a piece that is large enough to cover the damage you want to repair, but make sure you leave an extra few inches as an allowance.

Finally, after this is all done, you can then take sealant or caulking and place the metal piece over the damaged areas of the gutter, allowing it to work like patches that are used to cover tears in clothing. Make use of a generous amount of caulking. Ensure that the new patch won’t budge by coating the bottom side of the area with enough calking as well. There are many different types of caulking you can use, but most experts agree on the use of PL Polyurethane caulking.

While fixing a troublesome roof gutter is an easy enough task, not all problems involving the gutter in your roofing will be as easy to solve. In such cases, you have access to dozens upon dozens of roofing contractors to help you do the job.

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