Types of Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Being involved in a car wreck does not necessarily mean you will sustain serious injury. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to the mechanics of injury in car accidents including speed, type of impact, size of the vehicles, position of the person within the vehicle, and general physical condition of the individual. There have been instances when people have walked away from a horrific car crash without a scratch, and others where a relatively minor fender bender resulted in a serious injury. In general, however, the following types of physical injuries are commonly sustained in car accidents.

Neck and head injuries

Car accidents usually involve some form of forceful deceleration (sudden stop), and the head is particularly vulnerable to what is termed acceleration-deceleration injuries, where the head is snapped forward and then back in rapid succession. This can cause the brain to get injured from impact with the inside of the skull.  At the same time, the neck can also sustain anywhere from a mild sprain to disc injury. These types of injuries can occur even with the most minor of car accidents under certain circumstances, and may not be immediately apparent as there are no outward signs of injury.

Back injuries

Many types of back injuries may occur from the impact of a car accident, ranging from a mild sprain to spine damage, depending on the amount of force exerted on the body. Back injuries may not be immediately apparent as well, but it has long-term consequences that may eventually lead to significant discomfort and pain.

Contusions and lacerations

Ironically, many car accident injuries may not be due to the impact itself, but the force of the airbag deploying inappropriately, causing a broken nose or worse. A car crash may also cause a driver to hit the steering wheel or passengers to hit the dashboard or window, resulting in mild to serious bumps, bruises and cuts. Another common injury is called seatbelt syndrome, where the restraining action of the device can cause bruises to the chest and abdomen.

If you have sustained any of these injuries serious enough to require significant medical attention, you could in for an extensive, and expensive, experience. If the car accident was caused by negligence, you may need to sue for compensation. Contact a competent personal injury lawyer in your area for more information.

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