Road Hazards to Look Out For

You are the not the only person on the road. Even though you are driving safely, you may still be involved in traffic accidents because of external factors, such as the recklessness of other drivers and the negligence of manufacturers that made your car malfunction.

But the list of external factors doesn’t end there. In fact, there are a lot more that you should be conscious of. These factors put not just you in danger, but also the others around you.

To be fair, there are road signs that tell you that animals tend to cross the road. You drive diligently, so you can react when animals do cross the road. But what do you exactly? The best thing to do is to just drive forward, because abruptly changing lanes for the sake of a deer may cause more devastating consequences. But if the animal is too large, like a moose for example, you can make the effort to hit on the brakes instead.

Construction Zones
Do not underestimate construction zones and drive carefully and slowly. Take the extra effort of following all the merge signs and flaggers. Also, remember that there may be construction workers and construction equipment in the area that you can hit. To reduce the potential of collisions, you can turn on your headlights. Workers will see you better and you can spot and avoid their equipment with ease.

Debris on the road
Debris may come in many forms, such as car parts from traffic accidents, spilled substances because of rolled over trucks, and trees that have fallen because of winds. Big debris may be visible from afar and you may notice a slowing of traffic flow. Slow down, pass through the debris, and speed again.

Road defects
Defects on the road such as potholes can also cause accidents. When you see a pothole, slow down, grip your steering wheel firmly, and go through it. Only go around it if it is possible and safe. Another common road defect is malfunctioning street lights, and other motorists will have the tendency to exploit it by not giving right of way so they can have an advantage. Your safety is more important than a few seconds of wasted time. Make sure that the other vehicles are stopped before going through that defective light.

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