Consequences of a DUI Arrest

There was a case in a reality television show where one passenger was denied entry into the country by the border security because despite residency in the country she could not get a passport because of a DUI (driving under the influence) conviction when she was 18. This is one of the consequences of a DUI arrest and conviction, and it’s not the only one.

In the US, a DUI is usually a misdemeanor in most states unless you caused serious injury or death to another person or you are a repeat offender. A felony DUI conviction takes away a person right to vote and to operate a vehicle. Even a first-time DUI conviction, which is a misdemeanor, typically means suspension of the driver’s license for a period of time, and this will generally result in higher car insurance rates. Repeat offenders may find it difficult to get insurance at all because they are considered high risk, unless they can get a certificate of financial responsibility, also known as an SR-22, which can be very expensive.

Other consequences of being convicted of drunk driving include social ostracism. Drunk drivers are considered a menace to society, so even first-time offenders can find themselves being judged by others as irresponsible and outside the pale. Even worse, a DUI conviction can mean the loss of many future opportunities in employment, education, even housing.

When being charged with drunk driving, always consider the consequences of being convicted. The aftermath can be serious indeed without even considering the immediate consequences which include jail time and fines. Even if a dismissal is not in the offing, there is still hope for first-time offenders. A conviction can be turned into a diversion program which if completed successfully will effectively turn a conviction into a dismissal in some states. Retain a criminal defense lawyer in the area with experience in handling DUI charges to get the best possible results.