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Rules for US Military Members Behavior

Working in military is little bit different from common job in public places. First is regarding on the appearance. Military workers have certain uniform as the identity of their division and position. Not only the clothes, the major job activities and training are different. If you are planning to take military as your future profession, you need to consider about the obligation and ethic code.

There is a regulation that you need to follow as military work, called COC or Code of Conduction. It is a legal guide, signed by governments and high military officers as a guide to keep the behavior of military workers who are captured by hostile army. It consists of 6 articles. There, you can find information on how to keep survive in that condition. You can also find your obligation you have to do when you are on that position.

Change Military Record in USA

Some people like to prefer military as a carrier and profession. They want to work as soldier, army, or become the employers in military office. As the officer, you will have a record as a claim of your military works, job achievement, crime record, rewards, and profile. This record will be owned until you are death. If you find there are some errors or injustice in the record, you have right to ask for correction and clearness of the transcript.

This correction can be asked whether you are an active or retired military worker. To do it, you have to apply for correction of records and send it to related Boards of the Correction Records Body based on your division. If you work in Marine, you need to go to Navy Board of Correction Record, and also applied to other divisions of Air Corps and Cost Guard. To make sure you have legal law to ask for the record collection, US governments have regulated law on Title no 10, Section 1552.


Basic Military Law Knowledge

There are many jobs that people can choose to maintain their life. They prefer job based on their dream, ideology, and interest. Some people may feel comfort to work in office, but others may not. There are also few people who are interested to join in army force or involve in military office. Not only to gain money, have they chosen this job because they want to keep the stability of the country.

If you want to join in military office, you also have to be ready to accept the consideration. Different with common public jobs, this job requires high responsibility and monitored by tight rules from government. Before going further, you need to find information of Military System and Law. Usually there is a Military justice that maintained by high official workers in military. It is established as a body of law that regulates everything about soldier right and obligation, rules, etc.

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